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Singapore City Guide

Singapore view

We left Germany to South East Asia and our first stop was Singapore. To be honest, I didn’t expect too much from this city that is called ‘Asias Switzerland’. So far we have been told that Singapore is supposed to be clean, big and expensive. Most backpackers skip it or stay only for a short stopover. We have more reason to stay: My colleague and friend just moved there and we kind of invited ourselves over 🙂 For the first…

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Bolivia – Salar de Uyuni

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They are all funny, extraordinary, unexpected and exiting adventures that make a trip unforgettable. And these are the ones who make a traveler a storyteller. Every traveler has a few stories which he or she particularly likes to tell. For…

We are back!

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Hey guys. … look who is back online! So today you are going to have to listen to my chit-chat. New language First of all, some of you might realize that this blog started off as a German website.…

Brasilien Part V

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Chapada dos Veadeiros – Recife – Olinda  Nach einigen Tagen in Brasilia sind wir in den Norden in einen Nationalpark geflohen. Einen größeren Kontrast könnte es kaum geben. Wir landen in einem winzigen Hippieort ohne asphaltierte Straßen. Auf dem…

Brasilien Part IV

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São Paulo – Brasília Nach einer kurzen Funkstille melden wir uns zurück! Wir haben die letzten Tage in São Paulo verbracht und sind dann nach Brasília geflogen. Leider haben wir in São Paulo nur genau ein Foto gemacht. Dafür…