We are back!

Hey guys. … look who is back online! So today you are going to have to listen to my chit-chat.

New language

First of all, some of you might realize that this blog started off as a German website. English is not our mother tongue and we are not perfect by far. But we decided to continue writing in English anyway, so feel free to show us our mistakes now that we are back online!!

About a year ago we came back from six month of full time traveling. We visited ten new countries, we learnt so much spanish, we met amazing people. We experienced some ups and downs along the way, but never for one minute did we seriously consider going home. We had the time of our lives.

In June we arrived back in Frankfurt and we moved back to our family close to Mannheim. The next day I showed up at work and told them I was back. We put away our backpacks, our hiking shoes, our mosquito repellent.

Four days later I recommenced working in Frankfurt. I met many of my old friends and colleagues, but life has undoubtedly been going on around here. I started working on a big housing project within days and work consumed me again. We moved to a new apartment. Christmas came and went and suddendly our big journey really was „last year“.

back in Germany for some iceskating

starting some new family traditions

Last week I started working on the first photo album of our trip and when looking at those pictures it really did hit me. I want to go back to how I felt last year. We still love our jobs. We love having friends over all the time. We love living close to both our families.

But apart from that there will always be one thing we love even more. We love traveling.

It is not just the moment of exploring new places. I love strolling over foreign markets and not knowing what kind of fruit I am buying. I love foreign cuisine. I love photography. And one thing that makes Fred crazy: I love buying souvenirs! I can see one colorful ribbon at an Ecuadorian market and can picture sewing it on a pillow at home. Fred can also see a colorful ribbon that he will have to carry around fort the next six month.

New concept

Maybe you can see where this is going. We might not be full time travelers right now, but we would like to share our passion online. We would like to talk about what inspires us, about beautiful books, amazing recipes, and some DIY that really helped us while on the road.

After talking to many friends lately we realized that most of us share the passion for traveling. They are visiting North Korea, the Phillipines or Taiwan, they are trekking through Greece or Sri Lanka, emigrating to Singapur or planning their honneymoon on the Seychelles. They all have so many stories to tell! From now on our blog will not only be me rambling about our adventures in South-America. I mean… let’s face it, this was always meant for our families.

First of all it will be three of us now. Fred who is still my favorite travel partner in the whole world is working on everything technical that I have no clue about. But as he is also traveling quite a bit for his job, he is going to include some inspiration for spending a short time in interesting cities. Besides that he is of course going to acompany me on our travels! We are planing at least two more trips that year and we can’t wait to pack our backpacks!

girls trip to Paris

back online! The three authors in the Uyuni desert

New member

New to our blog is Isa. We are quite experienced in traveling together as we spent four weeks on a road trip in South Africa and another three weeks in Bolivia and Chile, apart from many short trips. She travels solo and in groups as well. So those of you who wonder about traveling alone (especially as a very blond girl) stay put! I could tell stories about traveling with those two very blond, very german looking people in South America… I don’t think we could have been any more flashy!

We hope you guys are hanging in there while we figure out this new concept. We are really excited and can’t wait to share our stories, our ideas and our recipes!

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