in love with: travelling (surprised?), food, technology, discovery, hiking, cycling and of course Top Gear
fav 3 countries: Australia, South Africa, Colombia
fav 3 cities: Sydney, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro
fav 3 food: churrasco, seafood, avocados
fav 3 drinks: Mojito/Caipirinha, lemonada natural, local beer
always in the backpack: sunscreen, sunglasses, torchlight
always in the cabin bag:
bucket list: Israel, India, Japan
adventure wishlist:
where to next: France, Singapore, Malaysia

For me personally the whole world of traveling opened up in Australia, where else… Before I went on this 3-month journey after finishing school, I had the impression that being on vacation principally consists of staying in a beach resort hotel for some weeks or staying on your cruise ship on a predetermined schedule that is hardly flexible. However this trip to down under revealed to me that it can be well worth booking only your flight in and out of your travel destination, no extensive prearrangements necessary at all! Okay, maybe that is not entirely true as it usually helps to have a look at some travel guides before you go to get an overview over the things you can actually do and see (normally I leave this to Maren anyway :D). Ever since I always enjoyed the great flexibility of this approach. If you feel like going to the beach for a while – do it. If you had enough of this and want to enjoy some classic big city sightseeing – do it, it is all up to you! In this blog I will mostly take care of the technical things such as website maintenance and improvement. Every now and then I might also write an article about speed traveling opportunities while on a business trip or similar. Let’s see how it works out!