in love with: travelling, sports, meeting old friends and new people, my family, exploring new places, nature, cosmopolitan cities, warm summer nights, wine, stepping out of my comfort zone, the sea, hiking, Tommy Hilfiger Fashion
fav 3 countries: Cuba, the Netherlands, South Africa
fav 3 cities: Havana, Rio de Janeiro, NYC (+ Frankfurt!!!)
fav 3 food: sushi, vegetarian curry, everything with avocado and chickpeas
fav 3 drinks: wine, coffee, gin tonic
always in the backpack: bikini, copy of my passport, a black dress
always in the cabin bag: sunglasses, camera, chewing gums
bucket list: Lisboa, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, Colombia, Island hopping in the Carribean Sea
adventure wishlist: at least snorkelling if not diving between thousands of colourful fishes, corals and other marine animals, doing (another) surf course, doing a streetfood tour in Bangkok
where to next: Lisboa

Since at least a Route 66 Trip in 2010 my addiction to travel was fully developed and from this time on I couldn´t live without exploring new places all over the world. Travelling became definitely my drug of choice since these days and whenever I have the chance to see a new place on our wonderful planet, all I can think about is how to get there as fast as possible. I´m absolutely sure hundreds of thousands of people around the globe know exactly what feeling I mean. It´s like having butterflies in your stomach and being extremely nervous in the positive sense at the same time. Additionally, I love to plan trips, write travel journals and take pictures to remember all those special moments. So … why not sharing all these adventures we made (and make) with everyone who is interested? And besides my job as a recruiter in one of the worlds biggest consulting companies I need a part of my everyday life satisfying the adventurer in me. That’s the reason for me to join this blog and I´m full of anticipation for your feedback, input, ideas and stories you made yourself.