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Here we are again. Traveling, slow internet connections and a LOT of work kept us away from blogging for a week or so. But here we are with LOTS of new content!

If you love travelling as much as we do you will know about the problem of going to the same place again (and again). We are all for exploring new places and usually I am planing the next trip while being on the last. My bucket list is endless and with every new place that we get to know the list grows. At the same time we have this one place where we tend to end up every year without planning it in advance: The South of France, Provence Region.

Fred used to come here with his parents when he was a kid. Back in the days when we were students we appreciated the idea of having a place to stay in France. Nowadays it is our home away from home.

We usually do a LOT when we are travelling. Never staying for more then a couple of days, hiking, exploring, eating. In France we do … nothing. We lounge at the poolside and stare into the lush green mountains. We (I) go to all the local markets and drink a lot of Orangina. It is week of cheese, whine, little cakes, profiteroles, baguette and pain au chocolate. You get the picture!

At the same time there are so many places to visit in Provence:

You can stroll through the amazing ancient city of Avignon and visit the Popes Palace.

You can hike the colourful ochre quarries in the Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon and if you are anything like me you will buy dozens of natural coulour pigments, to bring home the colours of Provence.

There are great markets in Apt, Manosque and Céreste. To be honest, there are markets in pretty much every town.

I think my favourite place must be L’Isle-sur-la-Sorge. It is a beautiful little town with many restaurants and cafés. BUT the main attraction (at least for me) are dozens of shops selling antiques. Of course most is absolutely not in our price range, but if you are still searching for an 3m stone lion statue for your garden, this is THE place to go. For all the others, you might find an old Eames chair or Neon Sign or a creepy looking doll. It truly is an amazing place to spend some time!

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We have been staying near Apt many times and I am going to share some photos from our last visit. We can absolutely recommend the house we are usually staying in. The pool is amazing and the houses are traditional and spacious. Most of all the hosts Brigitte and Jean-Luis are great! Make sure to tell us if you stayed there!ôte%20d%27Azur%2C%20Frankreich&s=141O8QxL

(We don’t get anything for recommending the accommodation, it is our honest opinion)

Be sure to stop by again because apart from having prepared quite a few great recipes for you guys, I am also working on an article about our recent trip to Malaysia and Brunei!


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