in love with: travelling, (interior) design, architecture, food, markets, DIY, MANY tv series especially Big Bang Theory (not necessarily in this order)
fav 3 countries: South Africa, Colombia, Cuba
fav 3 cities: Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Sydney
fav 3 food: any Thai Curry, Chicken Tikka Massala (might also count as curry), Pizza
fav 3 drinks: coffee, Gin Fizz, homemade ginger lemonade
always in the backpack: ziplock bags, mosquito repellent, knitted socks
always in the cabin bag: reusable water bottle, travel blanket, iPad with many episodes of Big Bang Theory
bucket list: Israel, Mexico, Beirut
adventure wishlist: seeing the Orang-Utangs in Ruanda; 4WD trip from Kairo to Cape-Town; hiking in the nepalese mountains; camping in the Australian outback
where to next: France, Singapore, Malaysia

I think it all started with a series of books I read as a teenager. It was about a girl who travelled to a new place in each book. It had me hooked. I wanted to see those places as well and within a couple of years I did! I seriously dragged Fred to Marrakesh because of one of these books and he got intrigued as well. Suitcases became unnecessary and we started backpacking through South-East-Asia while I was studying architecture. I was working a lot just to be able to travel as much as possible.

Now here we are. We started this blog in 2015, mainly to keep our families posted on our 6-month trip around Latin-America. Along the way I noticed how much I enjoy writing about our adventures. It seemed like a natural development of my travel journals, where I use to draw and write while travelling. Being back in my full time job as an architect I realized that I don’t want to give up travelling. It does not feel right to go on holiday to a resort somewhere and spent two weeks on the beach. Even with a very good book I will become restless after about a day. So you will usually find me strolling around markets, looking into cooking pots or photographing old cities. Along the way I am buying too many souvenirs and am usually outsourcing my toilet bag and all the heavy stuff to Freds backpack within a week.